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    Sales Service

    HONTA provides professional pre-sales technical support, project planning consulting, and production line optimization solutions; you can also visit the HONTA workshop to test the quality components of our equipment.

    Chinese market:

    Lichun Tan (Chairman)

    Tel: +86-515-85391158-8002

    Mob: +8613952441218

    E-mail: tlc@kshonta.com

    Libang Zhao (Vice G.M.)

    Tel: +86-515-85391158-8008

    Mob: +8613962958388

    E-mail: zhao.libang@kshonta.com

    After-sale Service

    HONTA's after-sales team of 22 professional engineers provides you with 7*24 hours of mechanical and electrical fault service. You can pre-prepare the equipment fault description, video, picture, equipment nameplate and other information, contact us:

    Chinese market:
    Heng Yue (Service Manager)
    Tel: 0515-85393333
    Mob: +8615195181878
    E-mail: Yueheng@jshonta.com

    Oversea Service

    HONTA International Regional Team provides you with 7*24 hours of dedicated sales services. We are here as long as you need .

    Overseas Market Services:

    Tina Tian  (Export G.M.)

    Tel: +86-0512-57077818

    Mob: +8613851033917

    E-mail: tina.tian@jshonta.com

    Kitty Zhou (Vice G.M.)

    Tel: +86-0512-57077818

    Mob: +8615962641686

    E-mail: kittyzhou@kshonta.com

    Tammy Wong (Export Manager)

    Tel: +86-0515-85391158-8024

    Mob: +8618262879467

    E-mail: tammy@jshonta.com